Debian PostgreSQL Packaging Project

Debian PostgreSQL Packaging Project

This is the home page of the Debian PostgreSQL Packaging Project, a group of people interested in maintaining packages related to PostgreSQL.



To obtain write access to the Subversion repository, you need a Debian Alioth account. You can request to the join the project via the project page.

Of course the first way for anyone to get involved would be to send useful bug reports for the packages and contribute to fixing bugs.


We don't currently have an elaborate packaging or collaboration policy. Discussion on general PostgreSQL packaging issues can take place on the public mailing list. We don't use a mailing list as package maintainer address.

If you have write access to the subversion repository, it is expected that you may, with prudent communication with the involved maintainers and comaintainers

in the above order.

Use of Subversion for Packaging

We support freedom of packaging tools. :-) If you use the subversion repository for a package, please follow the existing layouts or discuss your wishes first.

Where is PostgreSQL?

For "hysterical raisins", the packaging of PostgreSQL proper is at Please check with the package maintainer if you want to contribute to those packages.